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Welcome to Prospects CRM, the only CRM that’s fully integrated with Matrix™ and Client Portal! Brought to you by the same makers of MLS-Touch®, it’s packed with timesaving engagement tools to help you build stronger relationships and accelerate your business.  

Getting started is easier than you think! 



If your MLS or Association provides Prospects CRM to you as a member benefit, all you need to do is login with your Matrix login credentials. You’re already on your way!  

  • Go to
  • Click on the Login button in the top right corner
  • Then choose your country and board



In some markets, Prospects CRM is available by subscription. If this applies to you, sign up here: 


Import Your Contacts 

You need your contacts in one place – not some of them, all of them! Remember, the more people you have in your database, the more people you have to reach out to. Thanks to some pretty awesome integrations, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to import your contacts.

Watch our short video tutorial Build Your Database or read on to learn how to get all your contacts consolidated in your CRM.


From Matrix MLS 

You're going to love this! Your Matrix contacts are automatically synced and ready for you the very first time you log into Prospects CRM. 


From Your Mobile MLS App 

If you're using  MLS-Touch, your contacts will automatically sync with your CRM. No need to do anything! 


From Your Phone 

To get your phone contacts into your CRM, all you need to do is import them into MLS-Touch and then let the magic happen. Once they’re in your mobile MLS app they will automatically sync with Prospects CRM. 

If you’ve already imported your contacts into MLS-Touch, then there’s nothing further you need to do. 

If you haven’t yet imported your phone contacts into MLS-Touch, it takes just a couple of clicks.  

Import Your Phone Contacts 


From Outlook

Do you have contacts stored in Outlook? If so, you can export them in CSV format and upload to your CRM. 

Import Contacts From Other Sources 


From Excel

Is your client list tracked in a spreadsheet? No problem! Just make sure your file is saved as a CSV (not *xlsx) and it’s ready for upload to your CRM. 

Import Contacts From Other Sources 


From Another CRM

Migrating your contacts from another CRM doesn’t have to be difficult! Export your contacts into a CSV file and import into your Prospects CRM.  

Import Contacts From Other Sources 


If you would like assistance with uploading your contacts, our Customer Support team is ready to help.  

  • TF: 1.888.765.9223
  • Or use the Chat option in the bottom right corner of your CRM 


Add Contacts Manually 

Don’t forget about your offline contacts - those business cards, and all the phone numbers and emails you have lying around on slips of paper. Get them all in your CRM and every time you get another business card, add that one too! Make it part of your best practices for keeping your contact database in top shape. 

  • Click the Add button under the Contacts tab, and enter the details. 
  • Hit Save and Close when you’re done.


Customize Your Branding in 5 Minutes

Prospects CRM always keeps your brand front and center! Personalize your marketing content - emails, Market Reports, Listing Sheets, Virtual Cards, and Facebook posts - with your branding and contact details. It takes just a few minutes to set it up! 


Set Up Your Dashboard  

See the whole picture of your business on one screen, making it easy to focus on what matters most. Customize your Dashboard to work exactly as you want - see upcoming appointments, performance and production indicators, real time market activity and more!

Set Up Your Dashboard 


Get Your Virtual Assistant Working for You!

Agents say "It's my daily to-do list", and for good reason! Assign sales stages and automated follow up frequencies to see your upcoming appointments, activities and showings all in one place - so you don’t miss a thing! 

Set Up Your Virtual Assistant


Sync Your Google / Microsoft Calendar 

Never miss a meeting or an important event again. Prospects CRM is seamlessly integrated with Google and Microsoft calendars. In a couple of clicks you can connect your account and your calendar items will start syncing – two way – immediately! 

Connect Your Calendar 


Connect Your Facebook Business Page 

Did you know that Prospects CRM can automatically post your new listings, price reductions, sales and open houses on Facebook?  

Even when you don’t have listings you can still take advantage of this great feature. Publish valuable Market Reports every month to establish local market expertise and generate leads!   

Connect Your Facebook Business Page 


You’re Ready to Rock! 

Take it to the next level. Now that your contacts are in your CRM, and you’ve configured your brand information, here are a couple of our top recommendations. These are quick, easy engagement tools you can start using right away to impress your clients! 

  • Send a Market Report. Try it! Pick a contact and set them up with a monthly report. See how easy it is! You’ll establish yourself as a local market expert by providing valuable market insights that can’t be found anywhere else.  
  • Send a Virtual Card. V-cards are a colorful way to engage. Send one of your clients a card. There are lots to choose from! Once you see how easy it is, you’ll want to use this feature all the time.  


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