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It’s easy to import contacts from your phone – just use your MLS-Touch app! 

Getting contacts from your phone to the CRM is a snap. With a few simple steps, you'll import them into your MLS-Touch appwhere they’ll sync automatically to your CRM – it's that easy! 

Watch our short video tutorial Build Your Database for ways to consolidate all your contacts in your CRM, or read on to learn how to import your phone contacts. 


Select Contacts Feature in MLS-Touch

Within the MLS-Touch Mobile app, open your Contacts on your device. 



  • On an iPhone, tap Add in the top right corner. 
  • For an Android, tap the button in the bottom right corner. 


iPhone:                                           Android:



Select Import from Device 



It may ask you for permission for the app to access your contacts. Click Ok/Allow. 




Choose Contacts to Import

Next, choose All if you want every contact on your device to import into the app, or select only the ones you want by tapping on the name. If you don't want your personal contacts to import, we recommend you select your business contacts only.

When you’re finished select Done (on iPhone) or Import (on Android). 




Your Contacts Are Automatically Synced to Your CRM!

Now that your contacts have been added to MLS-Touch, they'll automatically synchronize with your Prospects CRM account, and appear in your contact list in both the app and your CRM. It’s that easy! 




Chances are you'll continue to add contacts to your native Contacts app on your phone. Remember to periodically import contacts from your phone into MLS-Touch to make sure your client lists in your CRM & mobile real estate app are always up to date! 


If you have contacts from other sources you’d like to import, but need a little help - read the article Import Contacts from Other Sources to learn how!  Or browse other articles from the Getting Started Collection. 


Need a Little Help? 

If you’d like a little extra assistance with any of the Prospects CRM features, reach out to our support team at We're here to help!



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