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Prospects CRM always keeps your brand front and center! Personalize your marketing content - emails, Market Reports, Listing Sheets, Virtual Cards, and Facebook posts - with your branding and contact details. It takes just a few minutes to set it up! 

Watch this short video, or follow the instructions below. 

Prospects CRM Feature Spotlight: Customize Your CRM 


Get Started 

Login to your CRM, then click on Configuration (gear icon) in the top right of the dashboard. 



Then choose Customization. 



Your Board Photo 

In the Images Management tab, you’ll see that your Board/MLS photo is already loaded. If this is not your preferred photo, you can submit a request to your Board to have your Agent Photo updated in your MLS, and from there it will automatically synchronize with your CRM. Please note the process may take a few days depending on how quickly your Board can process the request. 

If you don’t see your photo here, it means it was not available to sync from your MLS. 



Upload an Alternate Photo 

It’s always a good idea to update your Agent Photo at the source, i.e.: with your MLS. But Prospects gives you another way … you can override your Agent Photo with your preferred option by choosing an image from your desktop. JPG or PNG formats are accepted.  

Next to My Agent Picture, click Modify, then Personal Picture from the drop-down menu. Choose your image for upload.  



Add Your Logo 

Under the Images Management tab, you can also upload your logo. You may even have multiple logos that you use for different occasions, for example a ‘regular’ logo and a ‘seasonal / festive’ logo. Just click the Choose button to browse for your file(s) and upload. It’s now in your Images Library ready for you to use! 



Set your Preferred Contact Details 

Under the Headers tab you can view your default contact details which are automatically downloaded from your Board/MLS. Double-click on Default Initial Header to open.  



You can override your default contact details with your preferred contact information. Simply uncheck the Use my board info box, make your changes, and click Save and Close. 



You can Preview your changes and then click Save and Close when you're done. 



Customize Your Branding* 

Once you’ve uploaded your images to the Image Library, you’ll want to customize your Market Reports, Virtual Cards, Listing Sheets, and Facebook Posts. Click on Configuration (gear icon) in the top right of the dashboard, then choose Customization. 

From the Brand & Share tab, choose your color theme by double-clicking one of the colored dots to open the color tool and make your selection.  



Next select your logo by choosing from the dropdown list of items in your Images Library, or click the Plus button to navigate through your computer’s hard drive to find another image. 



Click on the Preview button on the bottom left and choose Market Report or ListingsRemember to click Save and Close when you’re done. 


*Available in participating markets. 


One of the great features of Prospects CRM is it automatically syncs with MLS-Touch, so you’ll always have access to your branding no matter where you sign in!  


Want to know how to get your phone contacts into your CRM? Check out Import Your Phone Contacts in the Getting Started Collection. 


Need a Hand? 

If you’d like a little extra assistance with any of the Prospects CRM features, reach out to our support team at support@prospects.com. We're here to help!



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