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Create Personalized Messages for Your Contacts and Build Stronger Connections. 

Prospects CRM makes sending Virtual Cards a snap! They’re perfect for sharing new listings, thank you notes and open house invitations! Watch the short video tutorial or read on to learn how. 

Prospects CRM Feature Spotlight: Virtual Cards 


Your Brand, Always 

Before you send anything out to your clients, you’ll want to make sure all your communications are branded with your agent photo, logo and email signature before sharing. If you’ve already set it up in MLS-Touch, then your brand info is automatically synced to your CRM! If you need help on this topic, check out the article Upload your Photo, Logo and Preferred Contact Details to get you started. 


Get Started

Login to your CRM and click the Contacts tab.  



Choose a contact you’d like to send a Virtual Card to by checking the box next to the desired name(s). You can also search your contacts list using the name, sales stage or keyword fields.  



Next Click Action, then Send a Virtual Card. 



Choose a Template 

Choose a template, click Next. If you’re sending a card that showcases a house (ex: New Listing or Sold card)you’ll want to select a property under Listing and then Search. Once done, click Next. 



Compose Your Card 

First, modify the Subject Line of the email as required and then if applicable, type your message. You can also personalize your email by inserting a name field into the body of the message. Simply click where you want the recipient’s name to go and choose the name field from the dropdown menu then, click Next. 



Add Recipients 

Here you can review the list of contacts or add others by clicking the Add button. When finished, click Next. 






Using the dropdown, preview the card by contact name, then Next. 



Name Your Activity & Choose Sending Date

Name your activity and choose whether to send it right away or on a later date. To edit the default name of your activity, simply highlight the text and type in the preferred name. 



The default date displayed will always show the current day. To change this, click on the calendar icon, and choose your new date. 



This activity will automatically show up in your calendar. If you don’t want it showing up in your activity report, remember to uncheck the Publish in Activity Report box. 



Next choose whether to Send the Card Right Now or Send on the Activity DateThen click Save & Close. Your Virtual Card is now scheduled – it's that easy! 



To edit an upcoming activity, head over to your calendar, double-click on it, and choose to Open the activity or click on Remove to delete it. 




Sending customized communications to your contacts will reinforce your brand every step of the way and help maximize the value of your relationships!



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