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Work Smarter, Not Harder – with Your Virtual Assistant. 

The Virtual Assistant is a core part of your CRM and helps keep you organized, showing your appointments, follow-ups and events all in one place! Best of all, your Virtual Assistant will remind you when your items are due, so you’ll always send the right information to the right people at the right time! Set up is simple - so let’s get started! 


Get Started 

From your Dashboard click on Configuration (gear) icon 



Then choose Virtual Assistant.



Next, you’ll see 3 tabs; Sales Stages, Automation and Display. 



Sales Stage 

Assigning Sales Stages makes follow-up a breeze, helping you deliver a personalized customer experience. To add a new Sales Stage to your list, click the green Plus icon. Enter the name and the desired Follow-Up Frequency, then click Save & Close. To modify an existing one, just double click and make your changes. 



You can manage up to 8 Sales Stages at any given time. 


To add a Sales Stage to a client record, head over to the Contacts tab, double click on the desired contact and choose a Sales Stage from the drop-down menu. Click Save & Close when you’re done. 



To add a Sales Stage to more than one contact, check the box next to their names in your contacts list, then click Action and Global Edit. 



From the pop-up window, check off the Sales Stage box and make your selection from the dropdown menu. Next click Modify and then Yes to complete. The Sales Stage has now been applied to your chosen contacts.  



When new activities are due, you'll see them on your Dashboard under Virtual Assistant. You have the ability to check them off your to-do list by clicking the Mark as Done button – keeping you organized and on track! 




This is where you put your CRM to work for you! You manage how the Virtual Assistant assigns a Sales Stage when adding new contacts automatically. It’s all in your control! 

Under the Automation tab, use the drop-down menu to choose a Sales Stage to apply when you add a new contact or notary/broker, import contacts or accept a new lead. 

You also have the ability to apply Sales Stages when Creating a New Showing using the drop-down menus to assign your preferred choice.  

Once you’re done, click Save & Close. 




Under the Display tab, you can customize the items you want to see in your Dashboard. Simply toggle the buttons on/off and use the drop-down menus to choose your options. Click Save & Close when you’re done. 



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Need a Little Help? 

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