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If you have contacts in other places like your email software, spreadsheets or even another CRM, no worries! Prospects CRM makes it easy for you to consolidate your contacts so they’re all in one convenient place! 


Before Importing 

Before importing your contacts into the Prospects CRM software, you’ll need to make sure they’re in the right file format. Prospects CRM accepts Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. Don’t worry if you need a little help with this step, it’s very easy to do! Check out our article Export Your Contacts to Comma Separated Values (CSV) for the details. If you already have your contacts in a CSV file, then continue reading the instructions below.  



Make sure you’re logged into Prospects CRM, then choose Contacts from the top menu bar to bring you into the Contacts Section. This is where you’ll be able to access all your contacts and their information. 



From there, click on Action and choose Import. Next, a set up menu will appear to help prepare the import. Choose from the drop-down menus, following the step-by-step instructions below.  



Step 1: Select the Program 

Choose Custom CSV from the drop-down menu. 



Step 2: Select your File 

Click the Choose button to browse the location of your contacts file for upload. 



Step 3: Select a Keyword 

Often, you'll have contacts that are associated with a keyword, tag or category. Using the dropdown menu, select the desired keyword to add to the contacts. Have more than one keyword? No problem, simply separate the keywords using a comma.  



Step 4: Select a Date Format 

Simply select a date format contained in your file. You may have dates for when you captured the lead, or when you next want to follow up.  



Step 5: Replace Contacts 

If this is your first-time importing contacts into Prospect CRM, you can skip this step. If not, this set-up allows you the option to replace the contacts already in Prospects CRM with the ones you’re importing who have the same last name, first name, phone number and address. Simply check the box to Replace. 



Step 6: External System 

Choose whether or not you want your contacts to sync automatically to external sources such as Matrix™ or MLS-Touch®. In some cases, your association may have a cap on the number of active clients you can have, or you may want to keep past clients in your CRM only. Depending on your choice, check the box.  



Step 7: Configuration 

As part of the configuration process, you’ll need to choose the settings for your import file based on the preview shown in the bottom half of the window. Choose your options from the drop-down menus. Remember to check the box if you have titles at the top of your columns. Click Next. 



Preview (Mapping Fields) & Results  

The next step is to make sure Prospects CRM knows how you want the information imported into your contact profiles to keep them organized - this is often called “Mapping”. Using the drop-down menus, choose which fields correspond to the columns in your file, and whether or not to import them. Once done, click Import. You’ll now see a list of contacts that have been imported into your CRM. Click Close and you’re all done!




Want to learn more? Read the next article in the Getting Started Collection to Sync your Google/Microsoft Calendar with your CRM, so you never miss an event! 


Need a Little Help? 

If you’d like extra assistance with any of the Prospects CRM features, reach out to our support team at We're here to help!



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