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Your Daily Summary is a quick snapshot of important dates, tasks and events for the current day.

It takes small investments of time to track key dates and events. Make it a best practice and you will reap the benefits every day. Your Daily Summary will keep you on top of birthdays, appointments, activities, and property showings, in one convenient place! The real power is in the engagement tools you can leverage directly from these handy shortcuts. You'll save tons of time taking care of your most important priorities.




You’ll always know when it’s a client’s birthday with a quick glance at the Birthdays indicator. Click on it to see a detailed list.  



To send a birthday card, select the contact(s) and click the Action button to choose Virtual Card from the dropdown list and continue to follow the simple steps.

Check out our article Send a Virtual Card to learn more. 



If you’d like your clients' birthdays showing up in your Virtual Assistant and on your calendar, double-click on their contact record.  



Choose the Important Dates tab and for Birthday toggle to Yes under Add in CalendarSave and Close when you’re done. 



Appointments & Property Showings

To see a list detailing all of your Appointments or Property Showings for the day, click on the appropriate icon.



Double-click an item on your list to see more details or toggle the switch to Mark as Done.



To include additional information, click the Notes tab, enter the details, and then tap the Add button. Remember to click Save and Close to finish. 



Property Showings - With one click you can update the selling agent with client feedback! Once the showing is marked as done, use the Showing Results dropdown menu to make your selection, such as the neighborhood not desirableit’s too expensive or there are too many renovations needed. Then click Email to Listing Agent. 



Activities To Do 

This is where you’ll find a list of your activities for the day such as making that follow-up call, booking an appointment with your client or arranging a building inspection. Simply click on the Activities to Do icon to open up a detailed list. 



You can modify the activity status, by selecting the Activity, clicking Action and choosing Mark as Done or Forward until Done from the drop-down menu. By choosing this second option, your “to do” will keep appearing in your Dashboard as a reminder until you Mark as Done. 



Double-click on your selected Activity from the list to see more details or toggle the switch to Mark as Done. 



To include additional information, click the Notes tab, enter the details, and then tap the Add button. Remember to click Save and Close to finish.



You can also change the status directly from the Virtual Assistant list on your Dashboard by clicking the Mark as Done button.



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