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On your Dashboard, the Contacts Tracker shows a summary of all your contacts, categorized by their Sales Stages.

This handy graphic allows you to evaluate your client base at a glance. In one click you can bring up a segmented client list to take quick action and promote your services, share new listings, start an email campaign and more. So easy!



View Contacts by Sales Stage

To open a client list:

  • click on the preferred Sales Stage in the Contacts Tracker graph; or
  • click on the Sales Stage category listed to the right of the graph. 

You’ll instantly see all your contacts with the chosen Sales Stage. 



Select One or Multiple Contacts

Select the individual contacts you want to include by checking the box next to their name or to Select All click the box next to Name at the top of the column.  



Take Action!

Next choose Action and from the dropdown menu make your selection. Follow the simple steps to complete your action. It’s that easy! 



Interested to learn more? Take a look at how to Set Up Your Virtual Assistant. Feel free to browse other topics in the Getting Started Collection. 


Need a Little Help?  

If you’d like a little extra assistance with any of the Prospects CRM features, our Customer Support team is ready to help. Contact us at   


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