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Having some trouble? Read on for quick solutions to some common questions.


How can I sign up? 

Prospects CRM is a tool available in participating markets. If you don’t see your board under the selection menu, but would like it to be available for you, feel free to let your Board/MLS know so they can reach out to us! 


How do I create my account? 

You don’t need to create an account! Simply use the same credentials you use with your Board/MLS to gain access!  


Where can I find my password? 

You should always use the same password you use with your Board/MLS!   


My password/username is not working, what can I do? 

If you are receiving an error message while logging in, here are three things to check: 

  1. Have you changed your password recently at your Board/MLS?  
  2. Can you login to your Board/MLS with the same password?  
  3. Try entering your password manually (not using the saved password) to see if you can gain access.  

If your password still doesn’t work, or if you also don’t have access to your association website, reach out to your Board/MLS directly in order to reset your password or unblock your account. 


Agent Photo

How do I change my agent photo? 

You’ll notice that your agent photo is already loaded. If you don't like what’s there, we recommend you update it with your board or upload an alternate photo. For instructions how to upload an alternate photo, see the article Upload Your Photo, Logo and Preferred Contact Details 


Why update my agent photo at the Board rather than in the CRM? 

Your agent photo is used in multiple places. Updating your photo with your Board keeps it current at all times, and ensures consistent messaging throughout all your branded communications. Please note this process may take a few days depending on how quickly your Board can process the request. 


What do I do if my Board information is wrong? 

If your Board information is incorrect, you can submit a request to your Board to have it updated in your MLS, where it will automatically synchronize with your CRM. Please note this process may take a few days depending on how quickly your Board can process the request. 


Why won’t my image upload into my CRM? 

If you encounter an error while trying to upload an image into the Images Library, it could be a few different things: 

  • Wrong image type: Prospects CRM accepts both PNG and JPEG images for the Images Library. If your images are another file type, you’ll need to convert them prior to uploading.  
  • No more space available: Prospects CRM allots a total of 5 MB for image storage. If you have reached the limit, simply delete any older images you’re no longer using to make space for new ones! 


Do I need to upload my image? 

Yes - if you wish to select your photo for use within Prospects CRM, you'll need to upload it first into your Images Library.   


How do I know what colors to pick for my Brand & Share? 

Brand and Share makes it simple to set up your brand! Use the color selection tool to select the theme you think properly reflects your brand, or compliments your logo. The sky’s the limit with how much you personalize your branding! For more details see the article Upload Your Photo, Logo, and Preferred Contact Details.


Facebook Publication Tool 

Why did my Facebook account disconnect from the CRM? 

Sometimes Facebook updates may require you to reconnect your account. No worries - it’s quick and easy to do!  And any personalized captions are saved, so you won't need to re-write them. If you need a little help, follow the simple steps in the article Connect Your Facebook Business Page.  


Why can't I share listings to my personal Facebook profile? 

Due to data protection laws, you're only able to share listings from our software to a professional Facebook Business Page. These are free to create and can offer you more visibility within your network. If you don’t have a professional brand page, they’re easy to set up - give it a try! 


Why can’t I share Sold Listings to my Facebook page? 

Publishing Sold Listings or Sold Data is something available in Participating Markets only. If this option is not visible after connecting your Facebook Account it means that your board does not participate in this feature. 


Why can’t I share Market Reports to my Facebook page? 

Publishing Sold Listings or Sold Data is something available in Participating Markets only. If while creating a new Market Report after connecting your Facebook Account successfully you do not see an option to share to Facebook, it means your board does not participate in this feature. 


I connected my personal Facebook Page, but can’t turn on posting? 

In order to comply with rules surrounding handling data, Facebook Publishing is only available on Facebook Business Pages. Even if you start the connection process with your personal account, it won’t complete without including the information on your Facebook Business Page. 


If you'd like to learn more about any of Prospect CRM's features, visit our Help Center to browse topics! If you need further assistance, contact us at support@prospects.com. We're here to help!


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