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Welcome to MLS-Touch, the premium mobile real estate app that’s fully integrated with CoreLogic platforms including Matrix™, OneHome™ and Realist®! MLS-Touch is packed with on-the-go features that keep you connected with your MLS and engaged with your clients from anywhere, on any device.   

Getting started is easier than you think! 


Download the App  

If MLS-Touch is available as a member benefit in your market, all you need to do is: 

  • Download the app in your App Store or Google Play Store
  • Select your State and Board
  • Log in with your MLS credentials 


Import Your Contacts  

MLS-Touch is not just an MLS search app. It's also a powerful client collaboration tool! You can easily share suggested listings to your clients, and invite your contacts to connect with you using your own branded app.  And what’s really neat (and helpful!) … all your customer interactions and client related activities are tracked and stored in the contact record for easy reference.  

It starts with getting your contacts imported into MLS-Touch. Thanks to some pretty awesome integrations, your Matrix and native phone contacts will automatically be ready to use within the app. 


From Matrix MLS  

You're going to love this! Your Matrix contacts are automatically synced and ready for you the very first time you log into MLS-Touch. This is not a one-time download! After the initial sync, every time you add or edit a contact in either Matrix or MLS-Touch, the changes will instantly update in both platforms.  



From Your Phone 

Getting contacts from your phone into MLS-Touch is a snap. Just follow the simple steps below and let the magic happen.  


Select Contacts Feature in MLS-Touch 

Within the MLS-Touch Mobile app, select Contacts on the Home screen.  



  • On an iPhone, tap Add in the top right corner.  
  • For an Android, tap the + button in the bottom right corner. 

     iPhone:                                           Android: 



Select Import from Device 



It may ask you for permission for the app to access your contacts. Click Ok/Allow. 



Choose Contacts to Import 

Next, choose All if you want every contact on your device to import into the app, or select only the ones you want by tapping on the name. If you don't want your personal contacts to import, we recommend you select your business contacts only. 

When you’re finished select Done (on iPhone) or Import (on Android).  



Chances are you'll continue to add contacts to your native Contacts app on your phone. Remember to periodically import contacts from your phone into MLS-Touch to make sure your client lists in your Matrix & mobile real estate app are always up to date!  


Configure Your Hotsheet 

Take advantage of the Hotsheet feature to see real-time market activity in your farm area. In today’s market it’s so important to be on top of what’s happening. You need the information at your fingertips at all times! With MLS-Touch you can keep up-to-date with a tap of a button. Set up is quick and easy. To learn more, read the article Hotsheet Activity.


Define Comparables 

You know how important it is to set buyer and seller expectations. It's a constant challenge to manage! When you’re on-the-go and meeting with clients, you’ll appreciate the quick, one-tap access in MLS-Touch to comparable listings.  

Configure your comparable search results: 

  • Tap the More menu on the Home screen.
  • Select Settings, then Comparables. 
  • Select whether you want to see on-market or off-market listings. 
  • Specify a price range, eg: +/- 10%. 
  • Narrow your results by distance, eg: within 10 miles. 

View comparables: 

  • When viewing a listing on the Listing Details screen, select Comparables.


Connect Your Facebook Business Page  

Buyers and sellers are on social media, in particular Facebook. If you don’t already have a Facebook Business page, we highly recommend you start one! MLS-Touch will help you leverage your page to promote your brand and generate leads. 

Connect your Facebook page to MLS-Touch, and specify which type of listing announcements you want to make eg: new listings, just sold, etc. 

Once you set it, you can forget it. MLS-Touch does the work for you! The app will automatically publish your listing information to your Facebook page and best of all, you’ll instantly be notified of any inquiries.  

  • Select the Facebook Publishing Tool from the More menu on the Home screen. 
  • Tap Connect and Continue.
  • Personalize your announcements with captions and emojis.  
  • Save settings and you’re done! 


Make sure your Facebook posts are branded! Use the Brand & Share feature to specify your brand logo and colors. 


You’re Ready to Rock!   

These simple setup tips will help you start getting the most out of MLS-Touch. Stay tuned for our next article – Brand & Share Your Mobile App. 

If you have questions or need help, reach out to our support team at




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