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Action Plans

One of the most important things agents can do to build their brand and business is deliver a consistent, professional and personalized level of service. And that means effective and timely follow-up! 

Action Plans are the ultimate tool to keep you organized and on track with tasks and communications. Think of them as your ‘play books’ for what to do, and when, with your network of clients. They’ll quickly become the corner stone of your client operations! 

Take advantage of the new and improved Action Plans in Prospects CRM including:

Seller Plans:

  • Seller Prospect Plan – 2 Months
  • Seller Prospect Plan – 4 Months
  • New Listing Plan
  • Seller Closing Checklist

Buyer Action Plans:

  • Buyer Prospect Plan – 2 Months
  • Buyer Prospect Plan – 4 Months
  • Buyer Closing Checklist


Every Action plan is packed with helpful reminders, and professionally written email content to nurture your clients at every sales stage. Use them as is or customize them to reflect your own best practices by adjusting the sequencing of events, adding or removing tasks, and modifying content.

Many activities in the Action Plans include helpful information, ideas, and tips designed especially for you. Open the activity and look in the Notes section to see what’s available. 

Email Templates

Quality content helps build trust and authority with prospects and clients. But crafting emails takes time. You will save hours by taking advantage of the library of professionally written Email Templates available in Prospects CRM. Use them as is or customize them for even greater impact!

Access the new and recent email templates by clicking on TEXT TEMPLATES on the left side menu, and selecting a Category, for example “Buyer Prospect Plan” or “Seller Prospect Plan”.




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