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Update multiple contact records at the same time with Prospects’ Global Edit feature. 

If you want to fully leverage the power of your CRM, it’s important to have your contacts segmented and organized! Global Edit will save you time when you want to make any of the following updates to a group of contacts. 

  • Assign the same Sales Stage 
  • Assign the same Keyword  
  • Assign the same Referred By name 
  • Assign the same Language  
  • Share the selected contacts with your Teammates 

Select Your Contacts 

Login to your CRM and click the Contacts tab.  



Select the contacts you want to update by checking the box to the left of the names. You can also search your contacts list by contact name, sales stage or by keyword. 



Choose Global Edit 

Next click Action, then Global Edit.  



Make Your Desired Change 

Example #1 – Assigning a Sales Stage 

Assigning a Sales Stage allows you to easily search and retrieve specific contacts as you need them based on where they’re at in the customer lifecycle (eg: leads, prospects, clients and past clients).  

Sales Stages also dictate how often you want to be in touch and can prompt follow-up reminders on your Dashboard for those contacts.  

Lastly, Sales Stages can trigger workflows, like sending a new listing on the market, signalling a price change, or a prospecting campaign. (This isn't correct)

To bulk update the Sales Stage, click on the field and use the drop-down box to select a stage, for example Past Clients [90 Days].  

Click Modify and then confirm your changes. You’re done!  



Example #2 – Assigning a Keyword 

Keywords are labels that allow you to quickly search and retrieve a list of relevant contacts but they don’t dictate how often you want to communicate and they don’t create follow up reminders. 

To bulk update your contacts with a certain keyword, click on the field, then choose Add (+). You can create a new keyword or select an existing one by using the search bar or scrolling down the list to make your choice, for example “Waterfront Property”. Click Modify, then confirm your changes. 

This would allow you to track all contacts that have expressed an interest in waterfront property. When a relevant listing becomes available you can easily pull up the right contacts and reach out to them.   

If you’d like to know how to add a new keyword, read the article Keywords (Title TBD) in our Help Center. 


Keyword Examples: property type (eg: Waterfront Property, Hobby Farm), property style (eg: Rancher, 2 BR Condo), important celebrations (eg: Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah), neighbourhoods of interest (eg: Westwood, Point Ideal), budget (eg: $450 - $500). 


Need a Hand? 

If you’d like a little extra assistance with any of the Prospects CRM features, our Customer Support is ready to help! Contact us at support@prospects.com. 


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