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Customize Sales Stages to fit the unique needs of your business and workflows.

If you don't know what Sales Stages are, and how to use them, click here to read our article on Assign Sales Stages.


Modify Existing Sales Stages

Prospects CRM has built-in Sales Stages ready for you to use but you can easily modify the labels and follow up frequencies to suit your preferences.

Go to Configuration Settings and select Virtual Assistant. Click on the Sales Stage you want to modify, change as desired, and Save and Close.




Create Your Own Sales Stages

If you have a different way you prefer to categorize your contacts, you can easily create your own. Prospects supports up to 8 stages, so you can delete any that don't apply and create new ones.

Go to Configuration Settings and select Virtual Assistant. Click Add (+), specify a label and follow-up frequency, and Save and Close. It's that easy!




Sales Stage Automations

This handy feature can save you time and simplify your workflows. There are certain database events that can be configured to automatically assign a Sales Stage of your choosing. 

Here are the events and sales stage automations that you can (optionally!) customize to your needs.

Database Event Automation Rule
Adding a Contact This applies to any new contact that is manually added in Prospects CRM or synchronized from Prospects Mobile or Matrix. By default they are assigned a "New Leads" status but you could change it another preference, including "Do Nothing".

NOTE: this is different from leads that come from external API integrations such as Zillow or Facebook Ads which are managed under "Leads".
Importing a Contact When using the Contacts Import feature to add an Excel or CSV list, the contacts are automatically assigned a status of "New Leads". You can change this to another preference, including "Do Nothing".
Accepting a Lead All leads, when accepted, are assigned a status of "New Leads". If you created your own Sales Stage such as "Raw Leads", you could configure it to automatically assign to your leads instead.
Create a Showing When you create a showing appointment Prospects automatically assigns the linked contact to a "Buyer Clients" sales stage. If you prefer, you can specify something different.


Go to Configuration Settings and select Virtual Assistant. Click on Automation, and for each event type select the Sales Stage you want to assign then Save and Close.




Advanced Automations for 'New Leads' Stage

You'll love this! Any contacts that come into Prospects as a 'New Lead', whether they come from Zillow, Facebook Ads or someone downloading your Prospects Mobile app, can be automatically tagged with a Keyword eg: "Mobile App Lead". You can even assign it an action plan! For example you can create a drip email campaign (using the Action Plan feature) so that everyone who downloads your mobile app automatically gets a personalized welcome email from you.

Go to Configuration Settings and select Leads. Click on the Source Type you want to modify, change as desired, and Save and Close.




Be sure to review and accept your incoming leads quickly! The built-in automations for New Leads only trigger when the lead has been accepted. 


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