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Savvy agents use workflows, best practices and targeted campaigns - referred to as 'Action Plans' or 'Playbooks' - to nurture prospects and past clients, and serve their clients in transaction.  Prospects has ready-to-use Action Plans to help you develop your own personalized, gold standard of service!


What Are Action Plans

Action Plans are automated workflows that can include a series of emails (drip email campaigns) or a set of tasks and reminders, or both.

  • For new agents, action plans can help you establish best practices for what to do, and when, with your network of contacts.
  • For more established agents action plans can help you scale your business by maintaining workflows that ensure a professional, consistent level of service.
  • They also help you mine your database by keeping in touch with past clients.

You'll quickly see how these plans will become the cornerstone of your client operations!


Why Action Plans Are Important

Action Plans provide timely follow-up and nurturing.

  • Nurturing your contacts is not a sprint, it's a marathon. For leads and prospects, Action Plans keep you top of mind, adding value, and demonstrating your expertise.
  • For new listings, Action Plans provide a playbook of essential marketing activities.
  • For buyer and seller clients in transaction, Action Plans keep you on top of critical closing tasks and communications.
  • For past clients, Action Plans help you get references, referrals, and repeat business.


Ready-to-Use Action Plans  

These are just some of the plans that are ready for you to use in Prospects CRM: 


Buyer Prospect Plan - 2 Months

Buyer Prospect Plan - 4 Months

Target: Motivated buyers.

Purpose: Provides a series of follow-ups with insightful content, and activities and tasks to help you establish trust and authority. Provides valuable market insights and general tips/strategy for potential buyers.

2. Buyer Closing Checklist

Target: Buyers who have had their offer accepted.

Purpose: Provides a checklist of closing tasks that will help you guide your buyer clients through the closing process.


Seller Prospect Plan - 2 Months

Seller Prospect Plan - 4 Months

Target: Motivated sellers.

Purpose: Provides a series of follow-ups with insightful content, and activities and tasks to help you establish trust and authority. Provides valuable market insights and general tips/strategy for potential sellers. 

4. New Listing Plan

Target: Seller clients, once a Listing Agreement has been signed.

Purpose: Helps you keep track of key milestones and requirements related to listing a property, including timely followups with your seller on what’s been happening with the listing.

5. Seller Closing Checklist

Target: Sellers who have had their offer accepted.

Purpose: Provides a checklist of closing tasks to ensure important details aren’t overlooked, and the closing process for your seller clients is as smooth as possible.


Explore Plans - Timing & Sequencing

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our ready-to-use Action Plans. From the left side menu, select Action Plans. Double click on a plan to see: 

  • A list of activities and content included in the plan
  • Timing and sequencing of activities

Click on a specific activity and you'll find valuable notes. For example, in the Buyer Closing Checklist if you select "Move In Checklist" you'll see a list of moving tips to provide your client. Action Plans are packed with helpful tips like this.





Explore Plans - Powerful Email Content

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the amazing email content that's included in the Plans. You'll impress your clients with valuable information that will assist them in their home buying or selling journey.

From the left side menu, select Text Templates. Here you'll see all the emails associated with a specific action plan. Double click on a template to view the content.



Now you know why and when to use Action Plans, and what they include .. let’s learn how to use them!   


Assign an Action Plan to a Contact Record 

There are two ways to assign Action Plans to a client: 

  • From the Action Plan menu (for individual contacts) or, 
  • From the Contacts tab (for a maximum of 5 contacts)  



From the Action Plan menu, double click on the plan to launch, then click on the Action button ->  Start this Action Plan.



Next, choose the desired contact and then SelectThere are many search options to find your contact - by name, keyword, sales stage and more!  

Use the Calendar icon to choose a Start Date by default your CRM will autofill today’s date.  



You can also link a listing and collaborative agent from this page, in order to have a detailed history of every action taken. Simply search for the listing or agent using the search bars. Once you’re done, click Start this Action Plan! 





From your Contacts Tab, select the contacts you want to include - up to a maximum of 5. 

Click on the Action button -> Start an Action Plan and select the plan you want to launch.  Select a Start Date, and then click Start this Action Plan.



Track Your Action Plans 

With Prospects CRM, it’s simple to manage and track your active Action Plans. Easily view upcoming activities, edit content, revise task dates and mark them as done. You can see all the activities relating to your Action Plans in a variety of ways – whichever works best for you.


From the Action Plan Menu: 

  •  Simply select the Started Tab to see a list of all your active Action Plans and their current status.



From a Contact Record: 

  • From the Contacts tab in your Dashboard, select the contact you’ve launched an Action Plan for, either by using the search options (such as name, sales stage or keyword), or by double clicking on the name from the contacts list, and open up the record file. 
  • Select the To Do tab to see a list of upcoming tasks such as appointments, emails and follow-up calls, along with their due dates. 
  • Select the History tab to see your past activities and completed tasks. 



From Your Calendar: 

  • All upcoming activities will show in your calendar on the due-date. Click the activity to see the details.



From Your Dashboard: 

  • Your built in Virtual Assistant lists your Action Plan activities that need your attention right on your dashboard, so at a glance you see your top priorities, making planning your day even easier! To learn more, read the article Set Up Your Virtual Assistant.



Completing Activities

Once your activity, such as a follow-up call or a to-do is complete, make sure to Mark as Done from your dashboard. Email Campaigns and Virtual Cards will automatically be completed by your CRM!



Is there an existing Action Plan that you'd like to customize by changing the content, or adding or removing a task? It’s easy to do! Read the article Customizing Action Plans to find out how! 


Need a Hand? 

If you would like assistance with any of the Prospects CRM features, our Customer Support team is ready to help. Contact us at or use the built-in chat feature to connect with a live agent.

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