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Now that you know how Prospects CRM’s ready-to-use Action Plans help you deliver effective follow up to strengthen your relationships, maybe you’d like to customize an existing plan, or even create a new one? Read on to learn how to build your own action plans for your unique business needs.  

If you missed our primer, check out the previous article Ready-to-Use Action Plans. 


Modifying an Existing Action Plan  

From your Dashboard, click on the Action Plans icon on the left-hand side, then double-click on the plan you'd like to modify. 


Click on the Action button and select Copy this Template from the dropdown menu.

Next, rename your template, then click Copy this Template and close the window. Your new action plan will now be available in your list of templates. 



Adding New Tasks and Activities to Your Template 

From your Action Plan List, double-click on your new template. 

Add tasks and activities by clicking the +Add and selecting your choice from the drop-down menu, such as a Follow-up Call, Appointment or an Activity To Do. 



Setting Your Parameters 

Once you’ve selected an activity type, a pop-up window will open that will allow you to set the parameters of the new activity.  

First, choose a name for the activity from the drop-down menu or simply type in your own 

If you’re working in a team, you have the option to assign the task to a member using the Assigned To dropdown menu.



Next, decide when you would like the activity to start by clicking On Action Plan Start. Alternatively, you can select a specific or important date, or even schedule your activity to start after another activity, creating a domino effect to ensure your actions are completed in a timely order for effective follow up! 



You also have the following options: 

  • Forward Until Done - in case you can’t complete the task on the day it’s due, it will reschedule  it until you mark it as complete, so nothing slips through the cracks. 
  • Publish in Activity Report – check this box if you’d like the activity to appear in your reports. 
  • Email Reminder – Toggle this on to receive email reminders about the activity. 
  • Priority – Move the slider to choose a low, regular or high priority, depending on your preference. 

Once you’ve finished setting your parameters for the activity, click Add and Close. 



If you’re selecting an email campaign, you can write your own content or simply choose one of the professionally written text templates from the drop-down menu - saving you valuable time!  



Modifying/Removing Tasks and Activities From Your Template

You can easily modify or remove tasks and activities from your template. Start from your Action Plan List, then double-click on your preferred template. From the activities list:

  • Modify: Double-click on the event to be modified to open up the parameters window, and make your preferred changes.
  • Remove: Check off the box next to the item to delete, then click the trash bin and confirm your choice.

Make sure to Save and Close once you are done. 



Creating Your Own Action Plan 

While Prospects CRM offers you many different ready-to-use Action Plans, you also have the option to create your own. Do you have a specific checklist or to-do list when you bring on a new Buyer or Seller? How do you manage your Referrals? Create and assign your own Action Plans and start working smarter, not harder! 

From your Dashboard, click on the Action Plans icon on the left-hand side, then click the green +Add button and name your new template.



Next, choose the preferred tasks and activities to be added from the +Add drop-down list.

Set the parameters of each activity in the pop-up window as outlined in the previous section “Setting Your Parameters”. 

Keep adding actions and their schedules to create your own personalized Action Plans. Remember to always Save and Close once you are done! 



Now you’re all set to include Action Plans as part of your daily business practices, keeping you organized, top of mind and focused on your highest priority opportunities! For more great topics, check out our Help Centre.


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