MLS-Touch Ver 3.9 - More Details At Your Fingertips

Victoria Glossop
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MLS-Touch 3.9 offers new display and navigation enhancements, and easier access to client data. Search results are more robust and include more property details. Contact records track additional important client information!


1. Improved Search Results

In List View:

  • Larger thumbnail photos
  • More property details; easier to read
2. More Insightful Client Information

In Contacts:

  • Track where suggested listings were sent from (eg: MLS-Touch, Matrix, Prospects CRM)
  • Track where client Favorites were flagged (eg: MLS-Client, OneHome)
  • See WHEN suggested listings and client Favorites were added 


Improved Search Results

Whether you're viewing results from a listing search (eg: Map Search or Advanced Search), or from Contacts (eg: Favorites or Sent Listings), you can now view summary property information in a new, expanded List View. It features larger photos and extra property details that are even easier to read! 

From Map Search, select the List tab to view the new display of search results.




More Insightful Customer Information

You're going to love these updates! MLS-Touch now offers deeper insights into client activities, all at your fingertips from the convenience of your phone.

Track where Listings were sent from

From a Contact Record, select Sent Listings. Overlayed on the property images you'll see a label indicating where the listing was sent from, eg: MLS-Touch, Matrix, Prospects CRM.



Track where client Favorites were flagged

From a Contact Record, select Favorites. Overlayed on the property images you'll see a label indicating where the Favorite was flagged, eg: MLS-Touch, OneHome.



See WHEN suggested listings and client Favorites were added 

From a Contact Record, select Sent Listings. Tap the Sort By menu at the top of the page, and choose 'Added Date' -> 'Newest First' as your preferred sort option. Tap Apply.



Mark contact Favorites and Sent Listings as 'VIEWED'

You're on the go and you get a call from your client. They want to talk to you about the listing they just received from Matrix auto-email. Or maybe you received a text message that your client just favorited a property in your MLS-Touch client app.  

From MLS-Touch you get a quick update on what's been sent and favourited by your client, by checking their contact record. And now ... when you've looked at the listings you can easily mark them as viewed!

To do this, select a Contact Record then select Sent Listings or Favorites. Tap the Action menu at the top right of the screen (3 dots) and choose ‘Mark All as Viewed’. 



Prefer the original List views?

If you'd like to maintain your List views in the original display format, simply go to Settings -> Preferences, and toggle "Enable Legacy List Display". Please note this legacy view will be deprecated in future.




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