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You invest continuously in your brand and promote it every chance you get. MLS-Touch supports your brand every step of the way through powerful 'Brand & Share' features.

  • Your own personalized app - set your branding and with a couple of taps you can share your mobile real estate app with clients and prospects. Buyers and sellers will get access to ALL listings in your market, straight from the most trusted data source - your MLS. All listing inquiries go straight to you!
  • Listing posts on Facebook - with your brand details configured, MLS-Touch will automatically publish your active & sold listings and open houses on your Facebook business page.
  • Branded OneHome Client Portal - even more cool, right? Thanks to the deep integrations between MLS-Touch and OneHome, when you set your branding details in MLS-Touch it automatically and instantly extends to your OneHome client portal too! Like magic!

Set Your Brand Once - And It's Everywhere!

It's truly that easy! Configure your brand details in MLS-Touch - it just takes a minute or two - and it will instantly power all the great features mentioned herein.



Configure Your Branding

From the Home Screen, tap More -> Brand & Share™.  




Select Your Logo 

Tap the Select logo button. The first time you use the Brand & Share feature, MLS-Touch will ask for permission to access your photos. 




Choose your preferred logo image from your photo reel. Once done, you’ll be prompted to resize your image. You’ll want to make sure your logo size is correct – it needs to be rectangular and 400 x 100 pixels in size. Move your photo until it is centered in the rectangular frame by dragging the image with your fingertips. Once complete, tap Done. 




Pick Your Color Scheme 

Set your brand colors by tapping the Primary color and choosing the appropriate color from the color wheel.  

Alternatively, tap RGB from the top menu bar and either using the sliders, or entering the numbers, select the correct RGB color code.  

Tap Done when finished. Follow the same instructions for the Accent and Variant colors too. 




Preview & Save 

Once you have selected your logo and added your color theme, tap Preview to see what your branding looks like in your branded app, email layout or listing layout. Once you have finalized your selections, simply tap Apply colors and logos to save your changes. 




Share Your Branded App 

MLS-Touch makes it easy to share your branded app with your clients! You can use the built in Share options via SMS or email, or alternatively copy the link and share it anywhere you would like.  

Share by SMS or Email 

To share directly from the Brand & Share Configuration page within the app, tap the green Share my App button at the bottom of your screen, and choose either the Send by SMS or Send by Email buttons. 




Share Your Personalized Link 

From the same configuration page, copy your Installation Link and paste it to share. Add it to Instagram, Facebook, or even your email signature, to generate as many downloads as possible! 




See Who’s Downloaded Your App 

When clients download your app you'll get an SMS notification and they’ll appear as a lead in your Contacts Manager. Accept the leads to add them to your contacts and you’re ready to start collaborating and tracking their Favorites.  


Branded Listing Posts on Facebook




Branded OneHome Client Portal




Need a Little Help? 

If you’d like assistance with setting up your branding in MLS-Touch, our Customer Support team is ready to help. Contact us at  




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