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Real estate comparables – also known as “comps” for short – can help identify an accurate listing price when working with a seller client to capture the attention of more buyers, decrease time on the market, and clear the way for a smooth transaction. But they can also be useful when deciding how much to offer on a home with a buyer client when you want to be sure they don’t overpay for the listing they are interested in.

MLS-Touch makes it easy to find comparable properties (active and sold) with its Comparables features which can be found directly on the toolbar of any listing!



Before launching your search for comps, you will have the opportunity to adjust several search parameters which will help narrow down your search results. 

Available search parameters:

  • Status (Active versus Sold)
  • Price Range 
  • Distance
  • Same Number of Bedrooms

Simply press the Search button when you are ready to launch your search.



After launching your search for comps, you’ll land on the search results page of comparable listings which you can review. You’ll also be able to use Filters to narrow down your search even further and/or take action on these listings with the help of the Action button.

Available actions:

  • Add to your Favorites
  • Send by email
  • Send by SMS
  • Add to a client cart



Need a Little Help? 

If you’d like a little extra assistance with any of the MLS-Touch features, our Customer Support team is ready to help. Contact us at


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